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John Maggio, Owner, HAWK Marketing

We have had the privilege to have Dr. Richard Schnitker be the featured speaker at our events in the past. We immediately asked him to come back and present different topics throughout 2018 and into the future. Dr. Schnitker is a knowledge powerhouse and his ability to break things down into understandable terms is superb. Our guests leave inspired and with actionable items in order to make change. Our attendance and membership went up considerably each time Dr. Schnitker gave a presentation. We recommend Dr. Schnitker not only as a keynote speaker but as a Coach and Mentor. His program, The Growth Coach provides proven systems that get results.

Aida Rageai, AIRS CIR®, Senior Recruiter (Talent Management Team)

He brings out the best in people! When I first met Dr. Richard Schnitker 15 years ago, he was already a consummate leader whose presence alone could calm a situation, and whose professional, yet empathetic, communication skills could bring immediate, as well as long-term, positive change out of a chaotic and complex situation. He was, at the time, a Command Sgt. Major in the US Army, and I was on my first deployment as a civilian advisor to a still active theater of operations.

I worked with him on multiple local projects in Baghdad, throughout that deployment, where he dealt with senior leadership in culturally and politically sensitive arenas. Respected for his ability to teach, mentor, and manage people, and situations, in complex and everyday circumstances, he was a natural at change management and influencing others to make positive improvements in how they approached decision making that would have far reaching impacts throughout their organization and sphere of influence.

Rich has always been at the core of successful changes that aligned organizational culture and incumbents’ behavior, coaching directly and indirectly, in significant alterations of the status quo for the better. He sees the human side of change, works within the framework of the individual and their surroundings, knows how to get disparate teams to work together, and how to get senior leaders to implement both structured and intuitive changes that provide lasting benefits and success. I would be happy to work alongside him or for him any time.

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Whether you’re trying to build a small business or you’re leading a sales team, finding ways to be successful in business while living a balanced life can be a challenge. I’m Dr. Richard Schnitker, the local owner of The Growth Coach of Marlboro Maryland, and my goal is to help people step back, relax and look at the big picture. I’ve always had a knack for getting into the weeds, listening to the challenges people are having, and finding ways to address their problems. The Growth Coach enables me to bring those skills, my passion for business, my training as a leader, and my resources as a Growth Coach together in a way that can benefit my clients. I always enjoyed being in leadership positions and having served in various positions from authoritative to servant leadership as well as change and transformational management. Being able to give back, by serving as a Strategic Business Coach, is one of the greatest ways I can help people find ways to meet their goals and be successful. A lifelong dream was to be a business owner and The Growth Coach has given me a solid platform of resources and support system to operate from. I’m looking forward to serving business owners, company leaders and sales professionals in my community.


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